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Nomiki Konst is a progressive champion who has spent years holding powerful entities accountable and working for visionary change.

Nomiki knows how to take on powerful special interests and deliver results for working people. After serving as a national surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders on his 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, Senator Sanders appointed her to the Democratic National Committee’s Unity Reform Commission as one of his 8 commissioners tasked with reforming the Democratic party and its primary process. She also represented Senator Sanders when they helped pass the most progressive Democratic Party platform in history that included the $15 minimum wage, a strong criminal justice plank and a climate plan that calls for putting a price on carbon.

The Progressive Community Choice

It is time to bring Nomiki’s years of experience to Albany. She is ready to fight for the progressive policies we New Yorkers need—starting on Day One. 

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Nomiki is running for N.Y. State Senate because she believes housing, healthcare, and a living wage are human rights, and that it is the role of the government to guarantee them.


Guarantee healthcare for all New Yorkers, curb spending and costs, stop the spread of Covid-19 now, and help protect all of us for the future.


Deliver on the promise of public education for all New Yorkers, expand resources, protect students and teachers, and have our curriculum teach the truth.


Boricuas in New York know Nomiki has a proven track record of work in and solidarity with Puerto Rico the Puerto Rican Diaspora community, and the work continues.


Make safe, affordable housing a state-wide priority, repair public housing, build new affordable family homes, and put a stop unfair evictions and speculation so every New Yorker can live with dignity.


Nomiki Konst is a staunch and long-time ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.


Deliver on the promise of public education for all New Yorkers, expand resources, protect students and teachers, and have our curriculum teach the truth.


Ensure that we preserve and protect our environment so there’s a future for our planet and for all New Yorkers.

What the people are saying…

I have known Nomiki Konst for many years through the progressive movement. Nomiki is a dedicated fighter with years of experience organizing the grassroots as well as working in DC. She has helped to deliver tangible victories for progressives in New York, ousting entrenched conservatives, and nationally, democratizing the Democratic Party platform. New York’s 59th District would be well-served by such an advocate.”
Rep. Ro Khana
U.S. Congress
Nomiki Konst doesn’t just talk about the issues. She is a democratic-left activist. She is an organizer, a creator of coalitions, and a fighter. Determined to truly advance the interests of working people, she will never defer to special interests. Indeed, she not only fights for change – she encourages the fight in her fellow New Yorkers.”
Harvey Kaye
Champion for Modern-Day Economic Bill of Rights; Scholar on FDR

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Nomiki’s leading the charge for housing and healthcare for all, increased wages, small business support and a New York for ALL of us. The backbone of the progressive movement lies in local organizing and in state-wide change.


Nomiki’s leading the charge for housing and healthcare for all, increased wages, small business support and a New York for ALL of us. The backbone of the progressive movement lies in local organizing and in state-wide change.



Change Takes All of Us

Nomiki with Michael Gianaris and Kristen Gonzalez

I’m writing to you today to personally tell you that I’ve decided to suspend my campaign for New York State Senate.

This three month long campaign has become one of the most expensive primaries in New York Senate history and in these final weeks, it has become abundantly clear that with the $1 million + flooding into the district through countless ads and dozens of mail pieces to protect real estate interests, it’s impossible to realistically compete to win.

Let’s be clear: if this election date had an expanded campaign period and not a set election during the dog days of summer, our progressive, community-driven movement could compete head-to-head. Unfortunately, the special interests in this district might be spending $1,000 per voter, taking advantage of what experts are saying could be the lowest turnout election in NYC history.

We are proud of the organizing we have done in this community over the years and especially during this campaign — despite every effort under the sun to erase our history of work, smear our progressivism and demean our supporters. In less than three months here’s some of what we accomplished:

-In less than one week we collected over 3,000 signatures from neighbors to earn a spot on the ballot, soon after we announced. 

-We raised national awareness around the decades-long environmental crisis in Greenpoint, with environmental human rights attorney Steven Donziger and Oscar-nominated environmental filmmaker Josh Fox. Through our “Toxic Tour,” we introduced a policy to mandate real estate developers and brokers disclose to New York State residents that they live near a superfund or brownfield site and/or toxic spill, and/or above a plume. It’s the least we can do as remediation in many communities is impossibly slow.

-We introduced a pandemic relief plan that epidemiologists helped us draft and tout as a model for all legislatures.

-We were the first in New York to campaign on the Modern Economic Bill of Rights with co-author and FDR scholar, Professor Harvey Kaye.

-We introduced a transformative policy paper on Puerto Rico, advised by experts on the island’s economic crisis and status issues, where the NY State legislature has the power to provide overdue relief for the island.

-We spoke out and organized about expanding women’s health funding, to provide more research money and accountability for women, especially women of color, whose health issues and concerns often go undiagnosed, or unrecognized even after being raised by patients.

-We introduced a tech accountability policy to curb the rise of extreme radicalism, built off of algorithms designed to model and promote controversy, misogyny and racism and disrupt democracy. 

I can guarantee – despite exiting the race – I will not back down on pursuing these issues. As I spoke with thousands of residents of SD 59 over the last few months, we heard personal stories that helped us inform our policy proposals. I’m looking forward to taking the train up to Albany next session and championing them with fellow advocates.

Words cannot express the tremendous gratitude I have to you in believing and investing in our mission, our campaign and me. I’m eternally grateful to our team and our volunteers who organized, made calls, knocked on doors and hosted events.

There are many things in politics you can control — and I know we brought everything we could to this race. But alas, there are things in politics you cannot control. 

The work keeps going. 

As I close, I offer my personal support to one of my opponents, Kristen Gonzalez. My current State Senator and the Deputy Majority leader of the New York State Senate, Michael Gianaris, hosted a meeting. I asked Kristen, if she were elected, to carry a bill mandating real estate developers and brokers disclose to residents any environmental dangers near or in their homes. She agreed. 

While the fight will be very difficult against big interests, progressive policies need to be pursued to protect the residents of SD59. This is one of the most progressive areas in the country, but also the fastest growing in the country. This is truly a battle between big real estate and working people who are at risk of being priced out. The stakes are too high.

Election Day is August 23 and early voting is currently underway. 

In the meantime, I have no doubt we will be in touch soon. 

I’m forever thankful to you for having our backs and supporting our mission.