Opinion: I’m running for state Senate to rein in big interests blocking progressive legislation

By Nomiki Konst
June 24, 2022

Last month, residents of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn learned they would soon have a new state Senator. As the far right seizes control of this country through legislatures and courts, I’m running for New York State Senate to address the underlying issues that have exacerbated inequality and to tackle big interests blocking progressive legislation in New York.

From my window, I can see the wedge we’ve driven through the heart of New York. To the right, a couple hundred feet away, are the Astoria Houses — one of the New York City Housing Authority developments in the newly created state Senate District 59. Looking straight across the East River, I can see the ugly supertowers that reflect light by day but are dark at night, because all they’re doing is storing cash for our greatest enemies.

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